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Chinese Medicine Taster Series - Session 1

Chinese Tuina Therapy 

for pain and musculoskeletal conditions


- a taster treatment of Chinese Tuina 

Do you have any persistent muscular aches and pains?

Come along and join an interactive, knowledge-sharing, and therapeutic evening - 

to explore and experience how the ancient massage therapy Chinese Tuina can help solve modern ailments, including sciatica, lower back pain/lumbago, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, cervical spondylopathy, headache and insomnia.

Date: Tuesday, 19th November 2019

Time: 4-7pm (slot 1: 4-5.30pm, slot 2: 5.30-7pm)

Place: West 4 Gym (10A Sutton Lane North, London W4 4LD)

Target: West 4 Gym members & residents of Chiswick



Call West 4 Gym on 020 8747 1713 or email,

to reserve a place on or before 19th November.


Visit or contact May Yung ( / 075 0880 9343). 

May Yung, Founder of YUNG Chinese Medicine and an acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and massage therapist, will introduce Chinese Tuina, an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a versatile and effective massage therapy for treating many medical conditions, in particular, pain and musculoskeletal conditions.

The session will include:

1. Introduction of basic theories, sets of manipulative techniques and clinical applications, indications & contra-indications of Chinese Tuina.
2. Demonstration of commonly-used techniques for some basic conditions.
3. A 10-minute trial treatment will be offered to attendees, to experience, first-hand, the therapeutic effects of Tuina Therapy.
4. Easy, effective self-Tuina methods will be showcased, for attendees to take home and use by themselves for personal care.

Co-presented by West 4 Gym & YUNG Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine Taster Series aims to bring Chinese Medicine, as a natural health alternative, and its diverse therapies to a wider community in Chiswick. Sessions will enhance the understanding of Chinese Medicine’s clinical usage and its curative and preventive health benefits, with the ultimate goal of helping local residents improve their health and general well-being.

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